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Mambu helps banks, lenders and non-FIs build and launch products in market faster, improving business agility and elevating customer experiences. Our live monthly demo session gives you a unique behind the scenes look at how it all works.

As the first cloud-native, SaaS cloud banking platform, Mambu is a highly flexible core solution, which comes with lower costs and faster implementation times than traditional legacy vendors. Our composable banking and lending engines will allow you to scale seamlessly and reach your growth objectives.

Join us as we walk through the Mambu platform, tour the partner ecosystem and demonstrate why Mambu is the cloud banking platform trusted by hundreds of financial businesses around the world.

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5 June

10:00 CET (Amsterdam) | 16:00 SGT (Singapore)

3 July

10:00 CET (Amsterdam) | 16:00 SGT (Singapore)

Discover Mambu in our live demo

Register today to book a spot at one of our next live demos. The session will cover:

  • How Mambu gets products to market faster and more cost efficiently than ever before
  • The principles of composable banking and why it's the approach you need
  • Steps to create and configure products with low-code, API-first technology
  • A guided tour of the product factory and best-in-class ecosystem

260+ companies trust Mambu

Mambu Partner Ecosystem

We believe in the power of collaboration and its ability to change the financial services industry. With our partners, we help our customers to innovate and grow.