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Innovate the lending experience by delivering modern products and features to market faster. Mambu's composable, cloud lending platform enables you to build thousands of lending solutions and create better customer experiences.

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Built in the cloud

True SaaS and cloud-native, our lending engine gives you the flexibility to define rules, maintain workflows and modify loan terms.


Low-code configuration

Build fit-for-purpose solutions using our low-code APIs and configurations. Reduce development time and costs so you can grow and expand.

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Ultimate flexibility

Our composable approach reduces reliance on restrictive legacy providers and allows you to assemble and reassemble components as needed.

Thousands of use cases

Our lending solutions

Retail mortgages

Collateral based real estate loans including home purchase, refinance and equity.

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Personal lending

Interest-bearing secured or unsecured loans for individual and household use.

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Business lending

Interest-bearing secured or unsecured loans to start or expand a business, or to support operational needs.

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Purchase finance

Consumer loans such as point of sale financing, revolving lines of credit, and buy-now-pay-later.

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Mambu provides the foundation

Compose your perfect lending solution


Trusted by leading lenders

Seamless integration with world-class partners

Through open APIs, Mambu seamlessly integrates with market-leading software solutions supporting the full end-to-end loan life cycle from loan origination to collections.

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