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Stored value cards

Want to provide an ecommerce entry point for communities? A safe tool to travel money or budgeting students? Or a secure instrument to deliver benefits, welfare or disbursements? Or simply a way to give gifts and incentivise loyalty? Stored value cards do all this and more.

Safe, flexible, accessible spending power

Mambu’s dynamic deposit engine, comprehensive toolkit, and connected ecosystem make building your own stored value card (SVC) offering simple. Our unique composable nature and fully cloud native infrastructure lets you create, launch, upgrade and enhance stored value accounts on demand, and offer innovative stored value cards quickly, effortlessly, and with cost efficiency.

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Build prepaid cards, your way

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    Closed, open or both

    Choose to build your brand or keep spending contained with a closed loop prepaid card that’s restricted to your chosen establishments. Or offer wider acceptance and appeal with a ‘use anywhere’ open loop card. Mambu lets you do both, to match business or consumer needs.

  • cloud and cogs

    One solution, many uses

    Our stored value accounts power SVCs at the back end so you’re free to innovate out front. There’s no limit to your prepaid portfolio – from general purpose reloadable debit cards, gifting, incentive and travel money cards to ticketing, health, government benefit/disbursement and even payroll cards.

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    Inclusive and empowering

    SVCs offer convenient alternatives to cash, bank and credit cards, especially for people who don’t have a smartphone, web access or bank account. They can be used in-store and online by providing an entry point to card and digital payments.

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    Run and reload

    Each SVC is assigned a digital account ID which is used to manage card parameters and provide simple, fast, flexible top up options including manual ad-hoc, recurring or balance-driven. Whether the aim is to create closed loop gift cards or provide access, you are in control.

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    Powerful business case

    Stored value accounts are one of the easiest ways to enable access to the card payment ecosystem for a wider demographic. Create fully customised stored value instruments with minimal investment and effort.

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    No-fuss control

    Mambu alleviates the need for complex programming and cumbersome tech resources. You get the intuitive features needed to design and manage successful SVC products.

The global prepaid cards market is predicted to reach US$2.7 trillion by the year 2026.

Launch, load and go!

With Mambu, you can capture a slice of the booming prepaid market by offering reloadable and non-reloadable open and closed loop cards straight away. SVCs can be used by any business type*, allowing them to be more competitive while empowering their customers with spending ease. Plus, users don’t need a traditional bank account to own, load or redeem them.

* Local e-money licence to provide payments services and hold funds may be required in some countries.

Tech that hits different

Wide range implementations

  • Sector

    • Retail
    • Corporate
    • Government
    • Financial institution
    • Travel/hospitality
    • Others
  • Card type

    • Closed loop cards
      (restricted to specific establishments)
    • Open loop cards
    • Reloadable/top ups
    • Fixed pre-loaded value
  • Use case

    • General-purpose reloadable cards
    • Gift & rewards cards
    • Government benefits & stimulus payments
    • Payroll cards
    • Disbursement & expense cards
    • Others

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