Purchase finance

Whether you want to offer point-of-sale financing, revolving credit lines, or Buy Now Pay Later solutions, Mambu provides the tools you need to build and launch fully configurable purchase finance products that are tailored to unique needs of your customers.

Agile. Flexible. Dynamic.


Fast and agile

Our cloud-based platform enables rapid deployment and can be scaled up or down to offer fast, efficient purchase finance solutions.

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Flexible configuration

Build and modify purchase finance products. Modular components can be assembled and reassembled to customise your lending solutions.


Enhanced functionality

Group payment schedules into one, or develop your own clients’ interface with a consolidated or detailed view of all loan obligations.

Features you want, when you need them

Innovate with pre-built product configurations

Mambu’s cloud-native lending engine gives you the features and functionality to use as-is or to configure to your specific requirements.

Banking on success

Customer stories

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“By leveraging Mambu, we can better support shoppers and give them the ability to seamlessly fit financing into their lives.”


4 months implementation of Mambu

40,000 customers

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“Mambu's team have proven to us that the design of their product will enable us to combine exactly the systems we needed to architect a great solution.”

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10 months to launch new product on Mambu

1.7 million customers

Seamless integration with world-class partners

Access our marketplace to integrate with best-for-purpose modern technology vendors to provide a hyper personalised consumer lending products to light faster than ever before.

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