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The race to high velocity

Want to enable better business outcomes for the long-term? Completely transform your operations with Mambu's composable technology foundation. Join the hundreds of financial powerhouses and fintech disruptors around the world who have shifted to a high-velocity operating model to win the hearts of their customers every day, while achieving previously unattainable economics. It’s time to make change your biggest asset. Contact us for a personalised session with our advisory team on how you can win the race to high-velocity.

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The struggle is optional
We are really excited to work with Mambu and explore the ways in which we can enhance the overall customer (internal and external) experience through a composable architecture.
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Financial executives and leaders are facing tough questions.

Global incumbents

How do I fast forward our institution and leap over the divide?

New fintech entrants

How do I build on our advantage and move the goal posts again?

Non-FS corporates

How can I embed financial services into our value chain?

Progressive modernisation starts here.

We recently asked 80 bank, lending and fintech leaders across the globe what they want from their technology investment in the year ahead. Download the infographic to access insights from financial technology buyers.

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The growing divide.

We have a clear view about the future of financial services success after accelerating innovation at both global financial powerhouses and fintech disruptors.

A growing divide is emerging and the outperformers are sprinting ahead. Half of laggards are not covering the cost of their equity, while top decile performers are delivering five times more value than their peers.

These winners are playing by a new set of rules to disrupt and outcompete the status quo. And as a result, they are experiencing higher growth rates, taking market share at will, and achieving tech-like valuations.

Fast and steady wins the race

Higher growth rates

25% annual growth rate of fintech disruptors

Taking share at will

88% of incumbents fear business will be lost to disruptors

Tech-like valuations

$8B gain in market cap by 65 financial services outperformers

Sprinting ahead.

Mambu’s product offerings are scalable and have been very simple to use as we take these initial steps to eventually completely transform our business.

What the outperformers know.

These outperformers are winning the race because they shifted to a high-velocity operating model that is purpose-built for our digital future and embraced the power of composable.

High-velocity operating model allows them to:

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    Capture the hearts of customers

    by continuously delivering distinctive digital-first financial experiences that are embedded in their customers’ daily lives.

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    Run at a faster tempo

    with an accelerated cadence of high-value services that drive engagement, releasing streams of innovation that never let up.

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    Realise new economics

    with expanded capacity to seize and monetise new opportunities via a less capital-intensive business.

'Bye bye' two-speed architecture. 'Hello' agile transformation.

This decade has seen unprecedented change from all directions, from technology and legislation to user behaviour and channel preferences – all accelerated by COVID-19. We put together this guide to help traditional FIs say goodbye to outdated, slow and mis-matched operating models and shift instead to a high-velocity operating model that can drive new competitive advantage.

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Mambu customers CSAT is 11% higher than industry average
We’ve selected Mambu’s composable platform to build Vietnam’s first digital only bank as it is fully scalable, allowing us to grow quickly and respond with agility to customer needs as they arise.

Join the revolution.

Mambu’s cloud banking platform is for those that never settle for the status quo, always search for the next edge, aren’t afraid to make bold moves, and think customer-first, always.

Does that sound like you? Contact us for a personalised session with our advisory team on how you can win the race to high-velocity.

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Mambu, the cloud banking platform where modern financial experiences are built.

Contact us for a personalised session with our advisory team on how you can win the race to high-velocity.